Your hosts



The origin of the project

Our house offers access to a wood which we own. We maintained it as a family and gradually gave birth to a path leading us to want to create unusual accommodation. Lovers of nature and its authenticity, we are sensitive to the desire to escape and this is what we wanted to offer at Bulle de l'Ain!

The concept

We wanted a disconnection, a change of scenery through a Nordic spirit , in particular thanks to a lot of equipment. Our goal was to make it a haven of peace to get closer to the essentials .
We have therefore chosen to make it a place dedicated to well-being and stargazing .Created with the aim of cutting yourself off from everyday life, we offer all the comfort and attention necessary to have time to think about yourself .

"Our ambition, to see you with a big smile in the early morning!

Our vision of hospitality

We wanted not only to share this experience but also to exchange with our guests. This is why it is essential for us to communicate when booking. We take the time to get in touch with each of you in order to organize your arrival and recommend the best addresses and ideas for your getaway! On site, we are also available to answer your requests and help you to live an unforgettable moment .

Looking forward to welcoming you to the Bulle de l'Ain,

Maxim and Angelina